It’s important that at least once a year, you take a good look at your roof to ensure there’s no damage or possible leaks coming from any areas. Of course, if you live in a more inclement weather location, such as Seminole County, Florida, you’ll want to inspect your roof more often following severe storms just in case anything is out of place. If you find you need roof repair services, let Skyline Roofing Group be your first call. With over twenty years of experience, we repair and install commercial and residential roofs professionally and efficiently.


Assessing The Damage

Before searching for “roof repair near me”, it’s important to determine what defects and damage are on your roof to begin with. This can help streamline the process for when the roofing contractors arrive to begin the repairing. They will undoubtedly conduct their own inspection of the roof to ensure everything is in tip top shape, but having a general idea of your roof’s issues will help them formulate the best game plan. 


Weather plays a big part in your roof’s maintenance, especially if the roof is made of organic materials. Making sure any nearby trees are trimmed and away from the roof helps, as well as ensuring the roof is properly ventilated in areas where more rain and snow can collect. Wind is another huge factor for roof’s durability, especially if you happen to live in an area where high winds and storms are prevalent. The upward pressure of these winds can rip the membrane or the roof system itself. Be sure to fasten and secure the roof along the perimeter before storms hit, as well as checking the roof afterwards to ensure everything is still snug and in place. Properly maintaining your roof also prevents any defects or damage from accumulating over time. A flat or low-sloped roof will require additional cleanings and maintenance to protect it from water and sediment buildup.  


Roof Repair Services For Defects

When faced with some common roof defects, the services will be pretty straight forward in getting your roof back into working order. There is the possibility of doing the work yourself, but in those cases, your home insurance, city codes and any warranties on your roof may have issues with the work. In most cases, it’s better to leave the work to professionals and search for “roof repair near me” than grabbing your tool belt and trying to do it yourself. 


Having an actual roof defect due to the construction and design itself, though, is a little more involved than fixing improper flashing, for instance. It may require replacing the roofing materials completely to ensure a proper installation. Common mistakes in roofing design can include the use of incompatible roofing materials, improper roof slope, drainage, or a sagging roof, which leads to water accumulation and subsequent deterioration of the roofing materials. Another few mistakes can be within the deck material design, where it cannot properly expand and contract, or the structure supporting the roof system is ultimately too weak, failing due to heavy loads. 


The Bottom Line

Knowing the structure and integrity of your roof as early as possible is crucial to avoid any lingering or potential defects with your roofing system. Regular maintenance of the roof at least yearly if not more, can help protect it from any storm damage or regular wear and tear so you discover it faster and can resolve it quickly. Preparing for storms ahead of time can also better prepare your roof from experiencing any damage in the first place as well. Taking these tips to heart will leave you with more time to enjoy your home, rather than searching for “roof repair near me”. 


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If your roof experienced some damage or has an underlying defect, the best course of action is seeking a roof repair service as soon as possible. Skyline Roofing Group in Seminole County, Florida, is trained to properly install, repair or replace residential and commercial roofs with ease and professionalism. Call us today!


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