You may be holding off on searching for “roofing companies near me” as you may be able to conduct that roof inspection on your own, right? Although it’s not a clear cut Yes or No answer to the question, there are things to take into consideration when wanting to perform your own inspection on your business’s roof. Skyline Roofing Group can conduct inspections as well as repair and replace anything from flashing to the whole roof itself. For over twenty years we have been the go-to for residents of Seminole County, Florida.  


Basic Yearly Inspections

It’s crucial to perform at least a yearly if not twice yearly inspection on your commercial roof to ensure everything is in working condition. You can always perform this inspection on your own, as you’re checking the basics of the roof’s materials for any damage or exposure, as well as clearing away any debris on the roof itself or in any drainage equipment. This is mostly to keep an open eye on the area for anything that doesn’t belong, so it doesn’t require a trained eye unless you feel like something is broken beyond your repair or seems like it’s not functioning properly and may need a professional to check it out. 


Check your roof’s shingles for any damaged or loose shingles, as well as the basic structure and overall roof for imperfections. Any equipment or HVAC systems you may have on your roof should be inspected for any leaks or impairment that either needs to be fixed on the system itself or needs more help if it’s causing issues with your roof. If there are any trees around your business, make sure they are trimmed back far enough to not impede onto the roof’s surface area at all. 


Roof Inspection Do’s & Don’ts

Even while performing a basic inspection of your commercial roof, it’s still important to follow some basic do’s and don’ts. Basic cleaning and removing debris is going to be fine, but if you’re noticing more issues on your roof than expected, it’s best to leave it to professionals to finish up the inspection and get your roof back into working order. Being aware of any skylights in your roof along with any compromised decking to avoid creating more damage to your roof. Make sure to keep a fair distance between you and the perimeter of the roof to protect yourself from any accidental slips and falls. The last thing you want is to incur more damage to your roof and yourself, leaving you no choice but to search for “roofing companies near me”. 


Even if something small on your commercial roof needs repaired, as soon you start working on it, your roof becomes a job site, which triggers many OSHA safety rules and regulations. You would then need to become familiarized with them and comply with them if you choose to do any work yourself. Along with this, if you start performing repair work on your roof, it may void any warranties you may have. Roof warranties have many conditions and rules to follow, and most include that any repairs made must be done by professionals, or that any individual working on the roof will void the warranty. It’s far too often that people perform fixes improperly on roofs, thus insurance and warranties are much stricter on individuals conducting repairs than actual contractors.      


Be On The Safe Side

Conducting routine commercial roof inspections yourself is never a bad idea, as you can perform most of the necessary duties involved. But if you do happen to notice any damage or possible issues, it’s always best to leave it to the roofing contractors to ensure everything is done to code and will last for years to come.  


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