Whether you’re a first time homeowner or you’ve owned your home for years, you may not have had to worry about replacing your roof before. It may be time to seek a re-roofing company to get the work done, but how do you know it’s time? Located in Seminole County, Skyline Roofing Group has been serving Floridians for over twenty years. 

What Re-roofing Entails

A full roof replacement and re-roofing are separate terms, so be sure to know which one you need before contacting roofing companies in Florida. Re-roofing involves placing a new shingle overlay over the older layer, giving you an extra layer of protection from the elements and keeping your roof looking new. If you happen to already have two layers of shingles on your roof, though, you will have to seek a full replacement as building codes prohibit you from having three layers of shingles on your roof. 

With re-roofing, you get a new roof faster and cheaper than a traditional replacement, but it won’t last as long as fully replacing your roof. If you suspect you may have any underlying damage underneath your roof or in that general area, it may be worth getting an inspection or having the full roof replaced to ensure there’s no leakage or damage. Re-roofing will install the new shingles but most often it’s difficult to judge if there’s any roof issues from just doing that. And of course if you don’t have a shingle roof and instead have a metal roof, re-roofing is not available for your home. 

Roof replacement involves stripping all the layers of shingles, exposing the decking of the roof. Here, a roofing company from Florida can check out the area and ensure there’s no damage or sagging, and place a felt paper or underlayment to protect the deck from any water or other elements. Then the layer of shingles will be placed and secured on top, giving you a new roof for about the next twenty years or more.  

What Roofing Companies Think

When it comes to your roof, you don’t want to ultimately take any chances. Deciding between re-roofing and replacement depends on a few key factors. If you already have two layers of shingles, then you know you’re going to need to replace the roof completely. If you suspect that there’s damage or issues with your roof and decking, the final decision is up to you but it’s worth doing a full replacement to get your deck checked out in case there are any issues. The last thing you’d want is there to be underlying problems and have a hole appear in your roof, or worse. Your roof may only need one area of your roof patched up, but this can make your roof uneven, and can cause issues down the road with the slope and weather conditions. Your roof may be in overall good health, with little to no problems for years now, in which case, a re-roof would make the most sense financially and structurally for your home. 

The Bottom Line

Even though the roof is at the top of your home, it is also a large part of your home’s foundation. It’s the main part of your home that protects against all the elements and ensures you and your family are comfortable and safe. Before you complete any roof work, take into consideration the age of your roof, the possible condition of the decking, any issues you think may be related to the roof, and how it’s been working these last few years. A re-roofing may be the clear choice for your home at this moment, in which case there is a roofing company right here in Florida who can help.

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