No matter the age of your roof, there may come a day when you may notice a leak or maybe other damage that could be coming into your home. Knowing what you’re dealing with exactly can help you get the right roof leak repair needed. Skyline Roofing Group in Seminole County is the leader in roof repair and replacement in Florida. 

Checking Your Roof

It’s crucial not to wait when you discover a leak from your roof, but before you start searching for roof repair near me, it’s also important to know what you’re dealing with. Simply seeing a water stain on the ceiling will alert you to a problem, but the leak itself could be in more than just that one spot. Plus, take into consideration that the roofing and insulation can divert some of that leaking water, causing it to show up in different places than where the leak originated from. The water damage may be showing in one corner of your home, but the worst of it could be in a different area. 

You will want to fully and thoroughly inspect your attic for any possible water damage from your roof. You want to ensure that both the inside and outside of the roof is alright, so checking inside may help you find the leak faster. Arm yourself with a flashlight and be sure to step carefully while up there, depending on whether you have full flooring in your attic or not. Start top to bottom of your roof, section by section, shining the flashlight onto the materials. Look for any dark spots relative to the roof sheathing, which can be a sign of leakage. Mold will be a clear indicator of roof damage or leaking, and should be noted for future repairs. Where there’s mold, there’s the most likely spot for your roof’s vulnerability, but it’s still important to check every square inch of your roof to make sure there isn’t further mold or other troublesome spots that may be unrelated. 

Insulation can be a clear indicator of roof leaking as well. You will be able to notice leakage on insulation better than on the wood, which can be tricky sometimes. When combined with liquid, insulation will deteriorate, leading you to a possible location of damage, but remember to keep in mind that the actual damage could be on either side of the wet insulation, as it could have been diverted. If you have protective eye and skin equipment, you can tear out the damaged insulation and better pinpoint the spots where leaking is occurring. If you’d rather leave it to the professionals, searching for “roof repair near me” may not be a bad idea.

Repairing A Roof Leak

If you discovered anything suspicious or full blown damage to your roof already, you may want to go ahead and start looking for someone to come out and take care of your roof. If you weren’t successful inside, you can check the outside of your roof for any possible objects that could have damaged your roof without you noticing. There could be a nail or another sharp instrument that pierced the roof and is slowly letting in water. Checking any chimneys or additional items on your roof, along with their flashing, can help as well. All items deteriorate over time, and there could be a piece of flashing that’s wearing down. If you still can’t find anything but have a clear indication of a leak, try turning on your hose and spraying your roof, then inspecting from the attic to find any leaks or damage in the moment. Depending on the size of your home, you may need another person to help, either being the sprayer outside or the detective inside to find those pesky leaks. 

One Step Closer

You will have undoubtedly found your leak by now through following the steps above, and now is the time to get that roof repaired. Whether you find a few small leaks or a mess of mold, as soon as you have a clearer picture of what your roof is going through, the next step is getting a professional out to fix the roof as soon as possible. Searching for roof repair near me to nip this situation in the bud will have you breathing a sigh of relief.  

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