Your roof is in need of repair, but instead of replacing your roof with it’s pre-existing materials, should you go a different route? If you have asphalt shingles right now, is it worth it putting in a new metal roof, or vice versa? Knowing the reasons why for each style of roof will save you thousands in the long run, as roof replacements aren’t cheap. Read on to find out the differences in roofing materials and which one is right for you, along with the best commercial roof contractor in Seminole County!


Roofing 101

Picking which roofing material you want based on aesthetics alone isn’t ideal, as there are so many factors that go into your new roof that you don’t want to overlook. Most roofs in Florida are going to be either a metal roof or an asphalt shingle roof. With either type of roof, you want durability, weather resistance, energy efficiency, any addition to your home value and of course, cost of the new roof. Taking all of these specifications into mind, let’s delve deeper into them and see which roof may have the upper hand overall.



When it comes to durability, metal roofing is the clear winner over asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are built to last, with warranties up to fifty years, almost the entire lifetime of the roof. Asphalt shingles are durable in their own way, of course, but in extreme weather circumstances, they can’t compete. With high winds of over 130 mph, shingles will start to break and tear off of your roof, making it less than ideal in hurricane-weather states like Florida. 


The Benefits

While metal roofs are more costly upfront to install, they also offer more resale value than asphalt shingle roofs. Adding a new roof of any kind will undoubtedly add resale value to your home, but when you replace it with a metal roof, your resale value can go up one to six percent. 


And metal roofs are great at energy efficiency, saving the average household 25% on their monthly utility bills. Shingle roofs are great in the winter as they absorb heat, but the summer time months can be a pain when they’re absorbing all that summer heat. Metal roofs in a lighter color can help reflect that heat while still keeping you saving. Shingle roofs also need regular maintenance throughout their lifetime, and while shingles can be recycled, not all of them make the cut or may be allowed in your recycling centers, while metal can always be reused and recycled no matter the location. 



Of course, one of the biggest factors in any roof replacement is cost. Shingle roofing is the cheapest when installed, but the most expensive overall when having to repair it over the lifetime of the roof. Most asphalt shingle roofs can cost under $10,000, but with regular maintenance and having to replace every three years, the cost actually comes out to about $27,000 for a 60 year lifespan. A metal roof can last the full 60 years on one installation, and although it’s costlier upfront at $18,000, it will last you for years and years to come. 


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There’s a lot to take into consideration overall when replacing your roof, but where to go shouldn’t be an issue. Visit Skyline Roofing Group in Seminole County today for your next roofing contractor! With over 20 years of experience, Skyline Roofing Group will help with any installation, whether it’s an asphalt shingle or metal roof installation, we will get you covered!    


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