You may notice some general wear and tear on your roof but know you’re still covered. But what if those little imperfections soon become wet spots in your ceiling or something more serious? You may wake up one morning and need to immediately search for roof repair near me to get a handle on your roof. Here at Skyline Roofing Group, we can help get your emergency roof repair in Seminole County under control. But what would constitute an emergency? Read on to find out more.


Basic Maintenance

To maximize the efficiency and durability of your roof for years and years, you’ll want to inspect your roof at least a few times a year. Look over the interior of your attic and roof, ensuring the wooden beams are sturdy and free of rot. Stand in your attic for a little while and feel the air quality: is it too stuffy or humid? Does it feel like the air is trapped inside? A good roof will also have a great circulation system inside your home, allowing air and moisture to escape and not lead to humid conditions in your attic. 


You’ll also want to get up on your roof’s exterior and check any flashing and gutters for damage or clogging. Flashing should be sturdy and tightly connected, while your gutters are free and clear and moving all excess water as far away from your home as possible, to avoid any water build up near your home. Check your actual roof for any missing shingles or indents, holes, etc. If you feel unsure of any items you notice on your roof, always call a contractor as well for a yearly inspection at least, as they may be able to better gauge damage on your roof and give you a better timeline for when repairs or replacement is necessary.


Emergency Roof Repair

Upon inspection of your roof, if anything is noticed which could cause any of the elements to enter your home or shingles and pieces of your roof are in disrepair, this would be considered an emergency repair. Noticing any water spots on your ceiling tiles or soft spots in your attic are cause for alarm. And if inspecting your attic support beams you find discolored wood, or if they are soft to the touch, you may have wood rot as well, which can cause serious consequences if left untouched. Dealing with wood rot can be a messy, complicated issue, depending on how much area of your attic is affected, so you may have to search for roof repair near me sooner than later to get a professional out and start right away. 


If there were any broken or missing shingles or damage of any kind to your roof, you’ll want to seek expert advice as well. Broken and missing shingles can easily let in the elements, causing you further damage to your home. Depending on the level of damage to your roof, you may be able to put some of the repairs off, but make sure you talk to a roof contractor as they’ll have better guidelines and timeframes on when it should be fixed. 


Damaged, rusted or failing flashing, along with any lifting around your chimneys, wall junctions, valleys and pipe boots can also lead to leakage into your attic and home. Flashing is typically made of metal or steel, but is thin and potentially malleable, so ensuring it’s connected and properly fitting around your roof’s components allows it to direct water away from your home. 


Seek An Expert

In the long run, avoiding any additional damage and costs associated with a roof repair is your endgame, even if it means bringing in a professional. You may think your roof is fine or that the repairs can wait, but if you calculate incorrectly, the cost can be dramatic, both for your home and wallet. Conducting frequent inspections of your roof and home, along with knowing when to call in the big guns, will help you keep your roof lasting longer and avoiding any repair headaches. 


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