One of the worst things that you can notice as a business owner is a possible leak in your roof. Not only is the damage most likely fairly severe, but it can also cause further damage to the rest of your business and pose a risk to customers if it’s been leaking for a while unnoticed. Skyline Roofing Group knows how important it is to get down to the root of the issues of your roof, especially if it requires commercial roofing contractors. Located in Seminole County, Florida, our commercial roof contractors have the expertise and drive to repair your roof quickly and efficiently. 


First Three Steps To Take

When you first notice a leak in your roof, it’s vital to get down to the root and source of the issue as fast as possible. If you don’t know when the leak started, it may already be causing further damage to your home and roof. Completing a thorough risk assessment of the building ensures there are no further complications such as safety hazards that your employees or customers may face. If need be, you may have to move inventory around to avoid it getting damaged and put up wet floor signs or cones throughout your business to alert people of possible wetness or hazardous conditions. 


The next step is determining if it’s truly a leak or damage to your roof, as it could be something else that’s faulty. Condensation on your air conditioner, a leaking pipe or issues with your HVAC can result in leaking water traveling down into the main floors of your business and leading you to assume it’s the roof. If you are able to pinpoint the leak to the roof itself, then your third step should be calling in a commercial roof contractor to help you deal with the repairs and aftermath of the leak.   


Before Commercial Roofing Contractors Arrive

You can provide additional help during this time by finding the trouble areas before the contractors show up, if you have the time and ability. Just because a leak is coming from one specific area of your roof doesn’t mean that the water is coming in from there specifically. If your business’s roof has insulation, this can divert the water entering from the holes and damage, thus appearing to enter in one location but is actually coming in a few feet to the left or right. Checking the insulation for wet spots can show you where the water is right there, but the work may encompass a surrounding area to ensure nothing is missed. This can help narrow down the window of repairs for the contractor, although they will most likely conduct their own inspection to ensure every area of the roof is damage free. 


There may be some quick, simple items on your roof that may be clogged or allowing water to enter your business without any actual damage as well. Checking your commercial roof’s drains, gutters, downspouts, and any other drainage equipment you have may help you determine if the water coming in was from any backup. It may not be actual damage to your roof but the membrane of your commercial roof or any flashing might be damaged or wearing down, causing water to enter your business. These items will need a commercial roof contractor to better assess the situation anyway, but it will help the repairing and replacement process when these items are found beforehand.  


Leaky Business

It’s never easy discovering a roof leak or other water damage to your business. There are already a hundred things on your plate, and the last thing you’ll want to deal with is potential water damage and more bills. But it’s vital to take care of the issue as soon as possible, as any leakage is going to only get worse over time. Thoroughly assess your roof and it’s components to ensure you know where the leak is coming from. Also keep your employees and customers safe by moving inventory and placing caution cones if need be. 


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If your business’s roof is leaking, let Skyline Roofing Group take care of the repairs and replacements. Our commercial roofing contractors can assess the damage and determine what course of action is right for your roof, whether it’s repairing a few items or if the roof is aged or damaged enough that a full replacement is necessary. With over twenty years of hard work, dedication and excellent customer service, we are the roofing company Seminole County depends on! Call us today!


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