Have you noticed a leak from your roof? During the winter months, rain and heavy snowfall can damage your shingles, membrane, and underlayment to a point where water is seeping inside. This is a serious matter. A leaking roof is not only frustrating and unsightly, it can be extremely costly if left unchecked. At Skyline Roofing Group in Seminole County, we can help with any commercial roofing needs you have. Many companies offer services similar to ours, but our years of experience and loyal customer base speaks for itself. Learn more about ways to prevent leaks on your property’s roof with the following 4 tips. 

Inspect Your Roofing For Damage

You may not think about it often, but it’s worth it to periodically take a walk around your building and check for any noticeable damage to the shingles or metal. Tree branches, pests, and other debris can cause enough breakage to allow for a leak over time. If you see any debris, missing shingles, or metal sheeting, fix it promptly!

Make Sure Your Roof Is Draining

Whether the property is commercial or residential, central Florida roofing companies will always advise that people inspect for water pooling on their roof. If there’s pooling, that means your roof is not draining properly and the moisture will eventually seep through into the membrane and below.

Check the Interior For Damage

It’s also worth your time to closely inspect the interior of your commercial property. Look around the walls and ceiling in all corners and check for water damage. If you see mold or anything that resembles water, chances are there’s a leak in your roofing.

Implement a Plan for Routine Maintenance

Whether you want to do a quick inspection on your own, or hire a professional, it’s best to add a roof check every month or two so you know that the gutters are clear, everything’s draining, and the roof itself is in tip top shape. A 15-30 minute routine will save a lot of money in the long run. 

Hire a Professional 

Before you have an unskilled employee or family member climb atop your roof and inspect it, you may want to reconsider. A roofing expert can be contacted at a variety of companies to come take a gander at your commercial property. They know how to avoid doing further damage with their own shoes or bodies while conducting the inspection. Keep in mind that you won’t find a better or more knowledgeable team than the professionals at Skyline Roofing Group.

Contact Us

Your commercial property is extremely valuable. Don’t let an unchecked leak in your roofing cause a huge financial headache. Instead, contact the consummate professionals at Skyline Roofing Group. We have years of experience in Seminole County and have established ourselves as one of the most reputable roofing companies in the central Florida community. Call or visit today for more information!


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