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At Skyline Roofing Group, we want to provide each and every client with a service that will resolve their problems for the long-run. We make it a point to get the job done right the first time.

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Skyline Roofing Group is a full-service roofing company with over 20 years of experience, serving residential and commercial customers throughout Central Florida and the surrounding areas.


We offer wide roofing services for repairs, replacement, and installations for commercial, residential properties.

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Tackle home renovations ranging from roof repair, kitchen floors, tile installation, and much more.

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Dumpster Rental

Dumpster rentals to suit your needs. Choose between a variety of dumpster sizes.

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We offer wide roofing services for repairs, installation, etc.

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Specialize in a variety of demolition services like land clearing, debris removal, and more!

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Insurance Claims

Do you have an insurance claim for your home that needs servicing? Learn why we are the right contractor for you.

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We are an essential business and are open regular hours. We are following all CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees and customers through the pandemic.

We lead our industry

When thinking about roofing services in Seminole County, Orange County, and surrounding areas, Skyline Roofing Group stands out as a top roofing company. With a strong reputation built over 20 years of hard work, fair prices, and excellent customer services, the company emerged as the go-to commercial and residential roofing specialist.

Their group of roofers is trained to construct new installations and take on roof repair and maintenance jobs with professionalism and ease. As a client, you can simply relax, knowing you are in capable hands. If you are on the search of “roofing companies near me,” we will tell you why working with this top contractor is a must, disclosing the company’s full list of services you can hire to ensure your roof stays safe against the most challenging of conditions.

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Over 20 years of experience!

Skyline Roofing Group is a full-service roofing company in Florida with over 20 years of experience, serving residential and commercial customers throughout Central Florida and the surrounding areas. We are specialists in shingle, tile, metal, modified bitumen, and many other types of roof systems – all with affordable pricing.

Our main focus at Skyline Roofing Group is getting the job done the right way and making sure that it will last. Additionally, we try to go above and beyond what customers expect. In fact, our customers say they come back to us again and again because we put them first.

Skyline Roofing provides cost-effective solutions for all of our customer’s roofing needs as well as helps to guard and protect against the future.

We are dedicated to customer service and complete satisfaction and provide you with the newest and most cost-effective roofing and solar technology in the industry today!

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What others had to say!

“We have used Skyline Roofing for the past 25 years for 2 new roofs. Great crew, fast and quality work, great clean up after. Didn’t hesitate to do what asked, highly recommended. Thanks Lou!”

The Grays

“Nice job Skylineroofing, I’m up next, stoked….Thanks.”

David Lockwell

“Thank you Skyline Roofing Group. Wow! Your team was in and out in 2 days and did an outstanding job! Thanks for taking all the necessary steps to ensure my family has a solid roof over us.”

Chad Wofford 

“Lou Cuadra and the entire Skyline Roofing Group team did an excellent job from start to finish on my roof. The crew worked very hard while paying close attention to detail with some of the repairs needed. Great job Skyline Roofing Group! Thank you!”

Ryah Rose 

commercial roof contractor


Skyline Roofing Group is a full-service roofing company with over 20 years of experience. We know how to get the job done right, the first time.

commercial roof contractor


Skyline Roofing provides cost-effective solutions for all of our customer’s roofing needs to offer help on how to guard and protect your roof against future, potential damages.

commercial roof contractor

Customer Service

We are dedicated to customer service, complete satisfaction, and, provide you with the newest and most cost-effective roofing and solar technology in the industry today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of roofing services can you request?

With 20 years in the market, Skyline Roofing Group is your number 1 roofing company in Florida attending Seminole County, which narrows down to the point the search for the “best roofing companies near me.”

As a way to keep the services unique to the costumers, the company embraces the challenge of adapting to new market demands and trends.

Such an approach gets to be applied as part of an exciting group of cost-effective solutions that cover different applications of roof installation and fixes aimed at commercial and domestic structures.

Commercial Roofing

Skyline Roofing Group offers commercial roofing systems and services tailor-made for buildings holding business operations. Whether it’s a warehouse or an administrative premise, no commercial building is out of reach for the company. As clients, you can expect at least one site visit from the experts. This visual inspection permits to ID causes behind integrity damages.

After following a detailed review of the information gathered, the contractor can prepare the proposal to fix the roof. Estimating coating needs, running a material selection test, and factoring other critical items are essential pieces to come up with the best roofing solution for the commercial building.

The client’s approval is obligatory before starting. That way, the shared solution reflects the best repair option for both sides. Besides unrivaled human talent, Skyline Roofing Group possesses the knowledge, materials, and tools needed for the roofing restoration of commercial buildings. Furthermore, the company offers the option to accompany the client through the years by developing a roofing maintenance plan exclusive for the building, pursuing to leave a satisfied client and building owner.


Residential Roofing
Roof replacement or roof repair is a priority for the household. Hence, the specialists at Skyline Roofing Group always recommend treating ceiling damages early on and advise homeowners to see it as a top priority home repair since the first clues appear. Otherwise, fixing the roof could become trickier and more expensive. As a contractor, Skyline Roofing Group offers clients the craftsmanship and qualifications needed for the task, regardless of the ceiling’s shape: low-slope, steep-slop, flat roofing, pitch roofing.

The first significant milestone to accomplish is finding out the ceiling’s actual state and determining whether or not the home requires a new roof. Trust the experts to look and perform a careful analysis of every puzzling sign or evidence at sight. Often, the number 1 cause of residential roof damage is water-related. When water finds a path, it’ll leak through every pore available. Hence, visual evidence of stains or marks brings guidance to get to the leaking source.

Other essential elements that could trouble the ceiling’s integrity by loosening the shingles or weakening its structure are fallen tree branches, hail, rain, windy conditions, and even living organisms, such as raccoons, rats, and termites. For that reason, the technician in charge of assessing the entire ceiling is going to focus on all the areas of the house in direct contact with it. Rarely inhabited places, like the attic, are essential to inspect.

Depending on the impact of the damaged area, the roofing company classifies if it’s permanent or fixable and recommends the materials and solutions applicable to do the replacement or repair.

What are some other popular services?

New Constructions

Whenever the commercial building is in the development phase, you can count on the top roofing company in Florida to assist you since the beginning, developing and providing plans for the new roofing to finishing up the on-site installation work.

Skyline Roofing Group can roof your commercial or residential building, adapt the solution to your budget, and offer the most competitive materials in the market.

The flexible design alternatives are assured to meet your interests, offering from traditional set-ups to energy-friendly innovations. Metal, asphalt, tile, flat, there are many options you can choose from.

There’s no better way to guarantee a high-quality roof from the start and a fair price!


Dumpster Rentals
Home renovations like roofing, are activities that produce a large amount of waste that can’t be disposed of in common areas, requiring a particular kind of treatment. That’s why you need to have a dumpster rental company prearranged to pick up the leftovers and handle the disposal.

Regardless of how simple the job might seem, did you know before committing to a dumpster rental company, you need to question it about precise yet basic information? You did not? Well, as with any other service, it’s vital to research and confirm the full capability of the company. You don’t want just to hire a dumpster services contractor based on the fact it offered a low price. It requires a more in-depth debate than that.

A good dumpster company must offer clients excellent customer service, reliable solutions, affordable prices, size variety, and, of course, have knowledge of the local regulations and rules applying to the service. For each of those reasons, hiring a reputable local company is the best way to manage roofing waste.

Are you in need of a dumpster rental in Central Florida? Skyline Roofing Group is the top roofing company in Florida. As roofing professionals, trust them to know how to handle and safely dispose of the construction’s waste, stretching your money for unquestionable service value!


Skylight Installation
Would you like to have a skylight or sun tunnel installed in your building? Yes? Skyline Roofing Group has the best methods to make it happen!
Benefit from that hard earnt reputation as the number 1 roofing company for residential and commercial buildings in the county, and request astonishing natural lighting applications sure to become the center of attraction of the place!

Besides the aesthetic value and allowing natural daylight into the interior of the building, skylights also improve energy efficiency, incorporate an additional source of ventilation, and provide a real-time glimpse of the exterior weather conditions.

Today, skylights are more popular than ever! If you are seeking a brand new installation, repair, or maintenance job, Skyline Roofing Group is the top choice for you.


Soffits and Gutters
Accessories like soffits and gutters are key pieces to protect the building’s ceiling from prospect damages.

Soffits keep the moisture and insects away from the roof and gutters collect and route the rainwater away from the roof’s base. The slight malfunction, blockage, or clogging of either accessory represents an active threat to the roof’s structure.

Skyline Roofing Group is the #1 roofing company in Florida. They perform installations, inspections, repairs, maintenance, and screenings of soffits and gutters to secure the devices are clean and functioning as they should be, preserving the roof’s lifespan.

Why choose us?

We’re an honest & transparent roofing company that takes each job seriously. You are our number one priority!

Why is high-quality roofing a must in your residence/commercial building?

The roof is the top protecting barrier of the building. It’s designed to offer constant safeguarding actions against external environmental conditions, like sun rays, wind, hail, rain, snow, storms, foreign particles, pests, and heatwaves.

However, regardless of the roof’s structural strength, the after-effects of continuous exposure are prone to damage and weaken the construction, furthermore, when talking about an aging roof. So, what can you do to stop the severe decay of the roof? It’s quite simple! Just hire services from a high-quality roofing contractor! It’s the only way you can guarantee for sure the roofing integrity of your home or business premises.

Skyline Roofing Group has the most technically qualified and committed roofers working in Central Florida. The skillful team knows how to install a new roof from scratch or do the renovation and restoration jobs needed to get it back in top conditions.

Often roof damages appear through a water leak that leads to material wearing, loose shingles, or a previously poorly executed job. Whatever is the case, you can count in Skyline Roofing Group to fix it, saving time and providing crystal-clear transparency in the process.

What are you waiting for!

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Are you still looking for a roofing company in Florida with no luck at all? Contact Skyline Roofing Group in Seminole County today, and learn how their broad and high-quality roofing services can help you return your roof to the prime optimum conditions it used to have, adding to your property’s value. Don’t let your business or home life get affected and hire trustworthy and reliable roofers that know how to fix your problems for an affordable price!





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